Breaking Through The Mist

Breaking Through The Mist feat.Andre Matos, Amanda Somerville, Jon Oliva, Mark Boals, James Christian, Doogie White, Giacomo Voli is available in all digital stores! CD jewel box with 16 pages booklet + bonus track here: http://www.amazon.it/gp/produc ...

RavenBlack Project - Amanda Somerville interview

Amanda Somerville talking about the songs she performs in the RavenBlack Project album: "The ancestral call" and "Lullaby for a wolf"!

  • The Ancestral Call

    "The ancestral call" is the third RavenBlack Project single ...

  • "The Faithless and the Dreamer": in all digital stores NOW!

    A blasting duet between ANDRE MATOS and ...

  • Wasting Memories

    The first RavenBlack Project single is now available on iTunes